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“SPACE IN A CUBE: MISSIONS OF THE FUTURE” This is our motto! We believe that small satellites can contribute to a broad set of science goals and space based services. Our CubeSat missions aim at conceiving new scenarios and technologies to serve the scientific community while educating students in the challenging field of aerospace engineering.


We launched our first CubeSat in 2012. The second 1U CubeSat is currently on orbit, since it was launched on April 2016. Our 3U CubeSat is under development, and its payload is a GNSS based experiment for Earth studies. A CubeSat mission to Mars is in the feasibility phase.


We are guys enthralled by Space activities. Undergraduate and graduate students work together with researchers and professors to create a real hands-on experience. We collaborate with other universities, space industries and the European Space Agency in an international environment. We are based at the Systems and Technologies for Aerospace Research lab of PoliTo.

1 Year After!

April 26th, 2017|0 Comments

Un anno fa, l'emozione del lancio del nostro #CubeSat a bordo di Soyuz VS14. Un anno di operazioni in orbita, buon compleanno [email protected], avanti così!!! Grazie a tutti coloro che hanno reso possibile questa piccola [...]