The European Space Agency CubeSat Evaluation Board has selected [email protected] for participation in the Phase II of the ‘Fly Your Satellite!’ Programme!

The CubeSat team @ PoliTo successfully demonstrated that its satellite works under laboratory conditions. Now, as the team progress to Phase II, ESA experts will help to determine whether [email protected] is likely to work in orbit, by means of testing the spacecraft in conditions that will simulate the environment of outer space.

Two others european projects have been selected to participate in this phase: Oufti-1 from Belgium, AAUSAT4 from Denmark. The CubeSat team will meet them at ESA’s European Space Research and Technology Centre (ESTEC) later this week, for a kick-off meeting at which ESA specialists will explain the approach to be taken in order to test properly CubeSats in environmental conditions representative of the launch and of the space mission.

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