The CubeSat Team will Open the Recruitment on 13 December!

Submit your application for joining the CubeSat Polito Team Here!

A CubeSat, despite its reduced volume, is a complex system built around strongly interconnected disciplines. Basic knowledge of engineering, physics and math is required to be an active element of the CubebeSat Polito Team. In parallel to engineering skills, different backgrounds are welcome, especially in the Computer Science area.

Who can join the CubeSat Team?

  • Bachelor Students

  • Master of Science Students

  • PhD Students

You can join us by different kind of collaborations!

  • By developing your Bachelor Final Project

  • By developing your Master of Science Thesis

  • By a 6 CFU collaboration

  • By a free collaboration.

Recruitment process

The CubeSat Team recruitment process for the year 2022 is bout to begin. The opening event will introduce the team activites and will be held both in presence and remotely, so the opportunity to participate from remote is guaranteed to everybody.

The recruitment process is a selection articulated in several stages:

  • CubeSat Polito Team Opening Event. The CubeSat Team organizes a welcome event, for the students of PoliTO interested in joining the Team. The Opening event will be on December the 13th at 18:00 in 13S classroom. It will take place both on-site at Politecnico and on-line. To participate, filling in the Google Form is required for reasons of classroom capacity. In case of approval, an email will be sent. During the welcome event the team members will present the projects under development, explaining their activities and experiences within the team. In the last part of the meeting, the team members will present the recruitment process and the open positions the candidates can apply for.

  • Students’ Application. Applications will open on the Welcome event day, on 13 December at 18:00 and will end on the one week later. During this period, students interested in joining the team will find HERE the Google application form to be filled and submitted. The form will ask the students to answer questions about themselves and the activities they want to deepen and collaborate with.

  • Oral Interview. After a few days, a calendar of face-to-face and on-line interviews will be shared via email with those students who passed the first selection stage, based on the submitted Application Forms. The interview will act as the main evaluation parameter.

  • Training Period. If the oral interview stage is successfully passed, the candidate is selected for a training period in the CubeSat Team. The training period may vary but it is considered to be around 1 month.

  • Admission as Team Member. If also the training period is considered successfull, the student becomes an official member of the CubeSat Team.