You can join us in the CubeSat Team in different ways:

  • developing your Bachelor or Master of Science Thesis;

  • 6 CFU collaboration;

  • Free collaboration.

A CubeSat, even if a quite small satellite, is still a complex system built around mainly disciplines strongly interconnected among them. Basic knowledge of engineering physics and math is required along with strong will to be part and work in a team.
In parallel to engineering skills, different backgrounds are welcome. Several tasks are needed in topics such as program development and outreach.

Recruitment process

The CubeSat Team recruitment process takes place once per year. The recruitment is carried out through a three selection steps:

  • Welcome reception and Team presentation. The CubeSat Team organizes a welcome event open to all students of PoliTO. During the welcome reception the team members present their projects under development, explaining their activities and their experiences within the team. The team Leader presents the open positions available at the time. Attendants are requested to fill an on-line form to express their interest in joining the team, indicating their interest(s). It is requested from the attendants to bring a smart-phone, tablet or notebook with internet connection. This phase is not considered in the selection process.

  • Attitude and basic knowledge test. Those who are willing to join the team have tosubmit a test related to everything we love: Space (from real space to space fiction!),Engineering (very basic knowledge on engineering. If you can repair your bicycle, you cannot fail this part of the test!), Logic (Long before there was any science there waslogical sense first), a bit of Physics and Math (unfortunately, space missions are notdeveloped with magic), and, last but not least: CubeSats word!!!! The test also includes a non-technical section related to the candidate’s team working and general attitude. The exact number of admissions depends on the total number of available activities by matching the needs of team roadmap.

  • Oral Interview. The interview is aimed at understanding the candidate attitude, behave and basic knowledge related to the presented open positions. This is done in order to understand how the candidate best suits in the team. If selected, the candidate becomes a Trainee in the CubeSat Team. During this period, the candidate is admitted to the training time slot required before becoming a full Member. The training period is variable but has been considered as approximately 1 month.

If you want to join us, follow us on our social pages to stay always updated!

Test Online

If you want to check the open positions, please download the slides discussed during the recruitment day!

The Test online phase is finished