Italy in space

Let's meet at the conference "Italy In Space", organized by AESA Aerospace Engineering Students Association, PoliTo, to talk about Present and future of Italian cooperation in the aerospace industry. Speakers: Ing. Messidoro - TAS-I, Prof.ssa Corpino - CubeSat Team, Ing. Belloni - ELV

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“Fly Your Satellite” Selection Results

We are very pleased to announce that the CubeSat Team of Politecnico di Torino has been selected to participate in Phase 1 of the European Space Agency "Fly Your Satellite!" programme!

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CubeSat Team @ 4th International Workshop on Verification and Testing of Space Systems

The Team presented in 2 sessions of the workshop, with great success! Topics: Verification Approaches, open issues, experience and perspectives among worldwide specialists and distinguished professionals in the Space Systems Verification and Testing Fields Organizied by: Thales Alenia Space - Politecnico di Torino Sponsored by: ASI, ESA, NASA, JAXA, CSA

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Join us!

First meeting between CubeSat team guys and new recruits! Come forward!

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Happy 1st birthday, [email protected]!

[email protected] has taken his first steps towards the sky on Feb.13th 2012, one year ago. Our child is walking at 26.000 km per hour over our head, 69.5 deg inclined, just a bit (0.0667184) "eccentric"! Happy first birthday man, you've never been just a cube, but our beautiful shining star! [...]

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[email protected] switched to save energy

Deep analysis of the signals led to infer that batteries state of charge is low. [email protected] has been switched to save energy mode.

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NORAD assigned identifier to [email protected]

This morning North American Aerospace Defense Command assigned to object 2012-006C the descriptive identifier "[email protected]".

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Decoding in progress

Telemetry packets have been received during the early phases of the mission at different ground stations. Unfortunately, the packets were intermittent and could not be easily decoded. The received telemetry is under analysis.

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[email protected] signal received by main GCS ARIBRA

[email protected] signal received by main GCS ARIBRA at 16.45 today. Other ham radio guys confirmed the pass. Telemetry cannot be decoded yet.

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[email protected] signal received by Masat Cubesat team (Hungary)

The satellite has been definitely tracked by the Hungarian guys of Masat Cubesat. They confirm the reception of [email protected] signal, but cannot decode the telemetry.

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